- Sanitization of room handles and room keys with UVC rays
- Sanitization of the entire room, bathroom included, after each stay with ozone gas until saturation and daily sanitization with Nyca Bp spray system by Gav Air Technology, also used by hospitals
- Sanitization of mattresses, pillows and blankets with 100° steam
- Traditional bathroom cleaning and UCV rays cleaning on sanitary-ware
- Bathroom floor cleaning with 100° steam

- Breakfast of our guests' choice is served to the table by our personnel on sanitized trays. We offer a choice of sealed-monoportion baked goods, as well as products from our kitchen
- Chairs are sanitized with UVC rays after every guest's use
- The areas used to prepare and serve our food are sanitized once a day, with the above-mentioned spray system and the restaurant bathrooms are sanitized twice a day