Locanda 5 Cerri Sasso Marconi Bologna Restaurant

Farmhouse outside Bologna: the restaurant of Locanda dei Cinque Cerri

Locanda dei Cinque Cerri is a farmhouse on the hills of Sasso Marconi, near Bologna, where you can taste the traditional dishes of Emilia Romagna, prepared with fresh local ingredients.

The kitchen of the Locanda is managed by chef Enrico Tonelli, who offers a menu that embraces with passion and dedication the rich culinary tradition of Emilia. The heart of the Locanda’s gastronomic offer beats to the rhythm of the ancient recipes handed down for generations, celebrating the authenticity of the flavors that characterize Emilia-RomagnaRomagna.

The link with traditional Emilian cuisine is evident in every dish prepared by the chef. The attention to detail and the use of local ingredients, often coming from the farm garden, give the dishes a genuine and unmistakable taste. The Locanda Cinque Cerri is confirmed as an authentic farmhouse outside Bologna, a unique place where tradition and culinary innovation meet in harmony.

The atmosphere of the Inn is full of warmth and familiarity, inspired by the convivial tables typical of Emilia, where authentic flavors are combined with the pleasure of sharing good food in company.

Discover the essence of Emilian cuisine in a family atmosphere and relax.